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The device has been designed with the highest possible personal safety in mind. It is CE certified in Europe,

UL listed parts are used in US model. All electrical circuits are designed for personal protection and comply

with applicable safety standards, regulations and legal requirements.
The water tank can’t overflow in any case – due to design, the excess water is drained automatically.

It has no moving parts so that no injuries are possible during operation

Maintenance and Storage

Maintenance and Storage

ClubWash golf club cleaner requires minimal maintenance, limited to filter cleaning. The need for filter cleaning

is indicated by a flashing yellow control lamp on the front panel of the unit. Due to high dirt capacity of the filter, cleaning is rarely necessary. There are only two consumables: brushes and filter mats and both of them

are very durable. The actual cleaning intervals as well as exchange intervals for the brushes and filter mats

depend on the usage frequency of the device.

For maintenance or if ClubWash is to be put out of operation for an extended period of time (e.g. in winter),

the water can be easily and quickly drained from the tank, the unit can be cleaned and, if necessary, stored protected by a weatherproof cover which is delivered with the cleaner.

Technical Specifications



Water tank volume






Dimensions (WxHxD)

Weight (empty / operation)

Color (standard)

230V AC or 120V AC, other voltages optional

1,15 kW

approx. 100 liters (26 gal)

all common power plugs available

½“ garden hose; quick coupling with shut-off valve included

1 ¼“ (32 mm) hose connection


standby (pump) 0,025 kWh; dryer 0,003 kWh / golf club

3 gal (12 liters) / day (can be set smaller or larger if required)

81 x 102 x 88 cm (32 x 40 x 35 in)

100 kg / 200 kg (220 lb / 440 lb)

RAL 6005

ClubWash comes with a weatherproof cover


ClubWash can be delivered with the following options at extra charge:
·    Daylight sensor for automatic switching off at night
·    Payment option (tokens, coins, cards)
·    Custom color according to RAL Color Standard

For further technical information, demonstrations, references, delivery times,
prices, financing models, sponsorship etc., send us an email:
We will answer all inquiries within 24 hours.

Technical Specifications
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