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  • First all-in-one cleaning device on the golf market

  • Cleans and dries golf clubs in just 15 seconds*

  • Designed for convenience and easy operation

  • Optimized brush design for extra cleaning efficiency

  • Virtually maintenance-free

  • Provides benefits to both – club facilities and the golfer


     * Overall cleaning time may vary depending on club head shape

Finally! The ultimate golf club cleaner & dryer
ClubWash – the ultimate golf club cleaner & dryer
PGA 2017 Merchandise Show; Florida, USA

Product Description

ClubWash is a golf club cleaner that your members and guests will love to use.

They can clean and dry their irons and woods – and even grips – quickly and comfortably.

No wet hands or drying towels anymore.


For the club:
·    higher level of guest services
·    no staff assistance required
·    cleaner facilities
·    reduced maintenance cost

For the golfer:
·    convenient golf club cleaning in just 15 seconds
·    2 in 1 solution – wet cleaning and drying in one place
·    clean water always available for cleaning
·    tidy surroundings for golf club cleaning

ClubWash – the ultimate golf club cleaner & dryer

Working Principle

ClubWash is a cleaning device that allows to clean and dry a golf club within 15 – 20 seconds without need of any cleaning tools such as hand brushes or drying towels.

ClubWash comprises two chambers located side by side in a housing:

ClubWash – the ultimate golf club cleaner & dryer

Cleaning chamber (i WASH)
The principle of wet cleaning is well-known and proven – moving the club between two brushes in a bucket filled with water. In such a cleaning tool, water gets dirty very quickly which subsequently discourages golfers to use it and calls for frequent replacement.

improves the method significantly. Continuous filtering and automatic refreshing minimizes the need of maintenance and provides clean water at all times.
Multiple brushes with optimized arrangement, geometry and bristle material clean much more efficiently, even golf clubs with cavity backs or inserts.

ClubWash – the ultimate golf club cleaner & dryer

Drying chamber (i DRY)
The drying chamber on the right side of the cleaning chamber provides quick drying possibility. When a wet, pre-cleaned club is inserted into the chamber, sensors detect its presence and automatically start the drying process.

The club is dried by high velocity air stream. Moving the club up and down together with the optimized arrangement of the nozzles allow very short drying times. Strong airflow easily dries even the club head grooves and complex club head geometries, which is often impossible or very cumbersome when drying the club with a towel.

Working Principle
ClubWash – the ultimate golf club cleaner & dryer


ClubWash golf club cleaner is weatherproof and could in principle also be set up outdoors.
However, it is recommended to place it in a protected location.

ClubWash – the ultimate golf club cleaner & dryer
ClubWash – the ultimate golf club cleaner & dryer

The device is installed and ready for operation within minutes:
·    Water supply (½“ garden hose) and drain (32 mm or 1 ¼“ hose) are connected
·    The power cord is plugged into a grounded power outlet, ClubWash
automatically turns on
·    After 8 – 10 min., the tank inside the unit is filled with water, the green indicator lamp lights up
·    ClubWash
golf club cleaner is ready for use


No operating instructions are necessary. The chambers are marked and self-explanatory, use for golfers of all ages is intuitive and easy. For device cleaning or operation interruption, simply unplug the mains plug from the wall outlet. To resume the operation, plug it in again …

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